Global Financial Partnership Center (GLOPAC)


About the GLOPAC (Global Financial Partnership Center)

On April 1, 2016, the Financial Services Agency of Japan (“FSA”) established the GLOPAC as a successor organization of the Asian Financial Partnership Center (“AFPAC”) launched two years earlier.

  • Objectives

    The objectives of the GLOPAC are to:

    • address the issues related to the global financial markets.
    • effectively conduct financial sector technical assistance for infrastructure development.
    • further strengthen cooperative relationships with financial authorities around the world.
  • Main Activities

    To pursue its objectives, the GLOPAC offers a fellowship program while extending its global reach, and invites financial regulators and supervisors around the world as “Visiting Fellows” to participate in the diverse programs provided by the GLOPAC.

    The GLOPAC is keen to maintain and further strengthen the world wide PDFAlumni network and cooperative relationships even after the Visiting Fellows complete their programs at the FSA, Japan.

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